About YMLM

Malaysian Society Welfare Foundation (or Yayasan Masyarakat Lestari Malaysia, YMLM) is a well-known charity organization in Malaysia.

It actively raises fund and organizes charity activities or events to help people in need, poverty, sickness and disability.

YMLM believes the social care is the basic for the advancement of human civilization. as well as the wellfare and prosperity of society and country. With regards to this, it adopted 12 organizations, including elderly care centers, orphanages, disability centers, to deliver social care and funds to make them a colourful life and better living standards.

Distinguished Corporate Social Award of YMLM is designed for the entrepreneur, individual or any NGO & NPO organisation who has been sincerely contribute in charity. The award is recognised by Malaysia government, it is the greatest honor for whom received it.

The objective of YMLM Charity Art Gallery is specially for the deaf-mute artists, provide them a portal to explore their talent. The pieces of art will be compiled and be auctioned, all the amount YMLM collected will be used for charity purpose.

In order to promote social harmony, build a good communication platform for deaf-mute persons and hearing persons, hope to enhance communication between hearing persons and deaf-mute persons, apply what they have learned to help deaf-mute persons integrate into society, and create a harmonious integration of people with disabilities Harmonious atmosphere.

Crystal Soaps are normally iridescentand translucent. It tends to absorbmoisture and form crystal-like structures on the soap surface, and thus is called crystal soap.

Crystal Soap is made of very pure vegetable oil. The glycerin and added herbal extract are very good for human skin after a complete saponification process. It is ignificantly good for curing skin problems. Due to Glycerin's natural property of absorbing moisture, Crystal Soap is capable of hydrating and moisturizing human skin.

YMLM uses merchants to order and donate Tissue boxes to help these disadvantaged groups.

The business card represents the company or the person himself. The business card is indispensable for any enterprise or company, and it may even change every year. From the perspective of feng shui and numerology, the design of business cards and advertisements also has its own unique characteristics. If it is not grasped well, it is easy to cause adverse effects on enterprises and companies.

In the business feng shui business card, the five elements have the relationship of life, restraint, multiplication and insult. The mutual generation and mutual restraint of the five elements can explain the interconnection between things, and the multiplication and insult of the five elements can be used to express the mutual influence of things after the balance is broken. Coexistence means mutual support and mutual support.

The color matching of the five elements makes the company and the person's name mutually reinforce each other, because the name is yourself, and the company board is the outside world and others.