Monday, 16 Aug 2021

15.8.2021 Campaign Bendera Putih- Johor Bahru

YAYASAN MASYARAKAT LESTARI MALAYSIA (YMLM) receives many calls from the community in need every day Today we distributed 38 sets of essential items around the area below: Taman Pelangi -Taman Rinting -Taman Megah Ria -Taman Bayu Puteri -Taman Johor Jaya -Taman Puteri Wangsa -Taman Desa Jaya -Taman Selesa Jaya -Taman Damai Jaya -Taman Tun Aminah -Taman Mutiara Rini -Taman Cempaka We have received more than 50 calls and messages from families affected during this pandemic every single day. We warmly welcome donations from any parties to be distributed to those in need.